Saturday, June 2, 2007

King James Has Arrived!

In just 4 seasons, LeBron James has lead his Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. Honestly, I didn't think he could do it, especially this fast, 4 years, this boy's got talent and could be threatening to take over the top spot of "Best player in the NBA" from Kobe Bryant. It took Michael Jordan almost double that, 6 seasons, to get the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Finals, that is saying something.

LeBron James showed the world something when he dropped 48 on the Detroit Pistons in game 5. One, he can come through in the clutch and making big shot after big shot. Secondly, he is ready to take his game and his team to the next level. Finally, he is getting to "unguardable" status, I thought Kobe was the only one in the league that was unstoppable on the offensive end, but I think now, LeBron is the Kobe of the East and will getting Jordan-like treatment as Kobe does.

Keep your eyes open, if King James takes down the San Antonio Spurs, there may be no stopping him and we might be all witnesses to the next Michael Jordan.

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RyansSexyMexicanFriend said...

i wouldnt mind this trade if it happened either... having a solid big man in there will be the best we have been at the Center position since the days of Shaq...